Online Marketing & Globalization

Online Marketing and Reality.

16th: June 2008

Dear readers –

Today is in the Information Technology Era.

All of us can get any information and we can buy or sell from home, easy contact to our friend or relatives, read or write most of our desires can be fulfilled by online facilities from anywhere.

Either good or bad, online business is growing with very,very quickly.

( Scams and rip-off reports also growing quickly with different methods).

Based on the high speeding technology, Online Marketing growth is hanging in the sky.

Let’s talk about Reality of Online Marketing.

Online Marketers get success with attractive sales letters. Some are good and the rest is ………

(concern with your own experiences.)

I am still confusing with their complicated sales letters.

If someone have an clear answer for “How to create great sales letter ?”,

Please contact –

What is a Reality of Online Marketing ?

Nobody can answer now.

Why the online marketing is growing up ? Very simple….!!! Internet .

Yes.. I realized the internet create the slim world, Globalization fertile the Online Marketing.

We should not forget about Bill Gates, genius gentleman. Windows95, Intel Corp:, I.B.M and Apple lead the revolution of internet world.

And then the internet world growing very quickly. Internet life style also changed. And some smart guys can work at home. Huge income, incredible profits.

Most of the pity peoples from developing countries still don’t understand how to take advantages from internet world.

In developed countries, internet is like a necessary kitchen wares. In other places.. who can know ?

Few years ago, I met up with an one official from World Bank. During our meeting we discuss about loans from W.B. He said ” So many peoples call our W.B as “RICH MEN’s CLUB”,

Loans ? Grants ? Without financial or political benefit, who will allow. Very simple.

Oh my god… what a pity man I was ?

I discussed with sincerity. After he pointed out, I can see the truth.

Let me say Thank You Mr. ……

Globalization, pretty word !, make pretty result for the Developed Countries and their peoples. Developing Countries bite the bone from ash and take care themselves.

BUT… Peoples from Developing Countries have precious resources.

What ?Pure Uranium ?? Nuclear power ?? Stealth Bombers ?? I.C.B.Ms ??


Their strong wills, mental power , peaceful minds can create the beautiful world.

To all the peoples from Developing Countries…..,

You may sorry for your own Unwealthy Country with weak infrastructure.

This is a “globalized with internet” era.

You have a hands, P.A.C’s with internet connection and strong desire to get success. RIGHT ?

Why don’t you can’t get success.

Learn, work harder and harder…….

What is your aim? Nailed in your mind.

Take advantage from internet world..!!!!!!

We are humans too.

Internet and globalization give us a equal chance.

No employees, no factory, no products…. doesn’t matter.

Learn Online Business Strategies NOW…….

With Sincerity

Hlaing of Myanmar


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